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Reserve a meeting room

rules, policies, form and instructions for using a meeting room, available at some locations

For meeting room use in Myrtle Creek, Reedsport, Sutherlin or Yoncalla contact the branch library. For meeting room availability at the Douglas County Law Library contact the Law Librarian.

Ford Community Meeting Room - Douglas County Central Library in Roseburg
You must meet ALL of the following criteria to use the Ford Community Room. 

1. The group must be a non-profit organization.
2. The meeting must be open to the general public.
3. There can not be fundraising, sales or an admission charge, nor any commercial or social activity.
4. Regular business meetings are not scheduled. (ex., weekly or monthly meetings)

If you meet the above criteria and have read the policy and rules
 CLICK HERE for possible room availability.

 Please read the policy, rules and reservation form/agreement carefully.
 pdf of policy, rules and reservation form/agreement


Who Can Use the Library Meeting Room

The meeting room of the Douglas County Headquarters Library is available for library sponsored and co-sponsored programs and to educational, civic, and cultural groups for public meetings and displays on a nonprofit and non-discriminatory basis.

Use of the Douglas County Library System facilities must not interfere with the operations of the library. (Note: exceptions may be made for elections by request of the Election Board). Use of the facility must not require care or service beyond that which is normal and routine for library operations.

The Douglas County Library System neither approves nor disapproves of the content, topics, subject matter, or points-of-view of individuals or groups using the meeting rooms. Permission to use library facilities may be granted to the following: 

            ►Agencies of federal, state, or other local governments. The Library Director may grant

            permission for a government agency to hold a non-public meeting.

            ►Other public, community, non-profit and non-discriminatory organizations whose

meetings are open to the public.
►The Library Director may make the meeting room available to established groups or individuals, even if they are not non- profit, when the OMTA piano is to be used for music recitals.

►The Library Director may make the meeting room available to authors providing book signings, presentations, or speeches.

Facilities are available on a first-come, first serve basis. The organization requesting permission to use County facilities must designate a representative who will be responsible for the protection, care and cleanliness of the facility. Reservations must be made in advance with the name, address, and phone number of the responsible person and organization and other information as requested on the application form. 

An organization or group using the meeting room is responsible for its use or exhibition of copyrighted material in the library and must comply with U.S. Copyright Laws, which include Public Performance Rights. By execution of the meeting room application, the applicant hereby indemnifies the DCLS and employees from any liability or claim arising from the applicant’s use of the meeting rooms, and agrees to defend and hold harmless Douglas County and its officers, employees, and agents  from any claim, lawsuit, or liability which arises from such use, including but not limited to, any attorney’s fees, costs, or expenses incurred  in connection with defending any claim arising from applicant’s use.

Douglas County Library System reserves the right to use the facilities at any time. 

Except for meetings sponsored by the library or official library support groups, the facilities are not available for meetings where an admission is charged or money is raised, nor for any commercial or social activity. At the Director’s discretion, authors may sell their books in connection with book signings, presentations, or speeches. The library generally will not schedule the room for regular business meetings. The Library reserves the right to restrict or deny usage of an organization, in order to provide equal access to the use of the meeting room. 

Smoking or other use of tobacco is not permitted. No refreshments may be served within the facility without prior authorization. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Each organization using the facilities is responsible for setting up the necessary chairs and tables for its own activities and for restoring the room to its original condition at the conclusion of the meeting. 

Cancellation or Change in Reservation Status
If a scheduled meeting is not to be held, the applicant should inform the Library Administration as soon as possible in advance of the meeting. If the information changes on the reservation form, the applicant should notify the Library Administration. 

Violation of these rules and policies, the creation of a disturbance, or willful damage of any property or equipment may cause cancellation of an organization's privilege of using the facilities. Each organization is responsible for the cost of repair/replacement of equipment and facility damages due to negligence. Permission to use the facilities may also be revoked if there appears to be cause to believe violation of these rules or policies may occur.

Policy approved by the Douglas County Library Board June 18, 2013


Please bring this information with you as it contains the room checklist and instructions for locking the facility. 

RESERVATIONS:  Call the Administration office (541-440-4311) for room availability before completing a reservation form. Once the reservation has been made the reservation form must be completed, signed by the Responsible Person and returned within 2 business days to hold the room. Fax number (541-957-7798). Any tentative dates on the calendar could be replaced if a completed form comes in for another group.
NOTE:  In the event you need to change your room use and/or meeting times contact the Administration office prior to the meeting.

KEYS:  If your meeting is held Tuesday, Wednesday or before 5:00pm Thursday a key is not needed. All other meetings will require a key. The key can be picked up from the Library Administration Office on Thursday between 11:00 a.m. and 4 p.m.   If the key is not picked up you will not have access to the room.

If your meeting is scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday or before 5:00pm Thursday the room will be unlocked and locked according to the room use times on the reservation form.

If someone other than the responsible party will be picking up the key or be in charge of the meeting that person’s name must be noted on the reservation form and the Administration office notified in advance of picking up the key.

PARKING: Please request all attendees to use the free public parking lot across Fowler Street to the East of the Library. Please announce this at the beginning of your meeting as a reminder.


Ø     The meeting room is available 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Ø     According to the Fire Marshall, room capacity for the Ford Community Room is 150. You are responsible for strictly enforcing this rule.

Ø     The room can be re-arranged, except for the location of the piano. Additional chairs and the microphone are available in the closets. It is the responsibility of the group using the room to return it to the normal arrangement.

Ø     There is an emergency exit located in the Ford Community Room. Use this door only in an emergency as it is alarmed.

Ø     You many use your own computer to access the internet through the wireless hotspot.

Ø     A piano is available by making separate arrangements with the Oregon Music Teachers Association. Call 541-673-2036 or 541-817-2193.

Ø     After hours heating/cooling are supplied by pushing the button located on the thermostat on the wall opposite the windows. Hold button for approximately five seconds and a light will come on indicating activation.


Ø     One 42 cup and one 12 cup coffee pot, water pitchers and serving plates are available for use. Please bring your own supplies.

Ø     Open flames are not allowed.


Ø     Please use the diagram, located on the wall beside the thermostat to replace tables, chairs and equipment to the original locations. Please use caution in restacking the chairs. Read the sticker on the frame that holds the chairs for proper stacking procedure.

Ø     Wipe down tables.

Ø     Wipe down kitchen counters, clean and put away coffee pots, pitchers, platters and any kitchen utensils used.

Ø     Clean up any spills to the carpet immediately. Notify staff.

Ø     Turn off microphone equipment, if used.

Ø     Lock the piano if used.

Ø     Turn off kitchen and meeting room lights.


Securing the meeting room and Library front door is the responsibility of the person/group whose name appears on the reservation form.

Ø     To unlock the front doors from outside: turn the key in the lock to undo the lock, enter, and turn the toggle switch to the ON position (located at the upper right corner of the door)

After the meeting:

Ø     Remove trash from the kitchen and meeting room. Place in the dumpster at the east end of the parking lot. Replace trashcan liner.

Ø     Clean up any spills to the carpet immediately. Leave a note in the key envelope about any spills.

Ø     Lock the meeting room door.

Ø     Check restrooms. Turn off restroom lights.

Ø     Lock the front doors. To lock the front doors: Turn the toggle switch to the OFF position, go out the door and use the key to lock the door.

Ø     Place the key in the envelope provided and drop in the book drop on the outside of the building.

Ø     If you cannot lock the doors please call the number at the bottom of this page.

For care or service beyond normal and routine library operations a $50.00 fee will be charged to the organization.

~ Regarding meeting room emergencies/problems (i.e. - restrooms and room temperature) notify library staff. During times the library is closed please call 541-440-4471 and the dispatcher will contact the appropriate staff. 



You must meet and initial ALL of the following criteria to use the Ford Community Room. 
Review the Meeting Room Policy to be sure you qualify. 

______ 1. The group is a non-profit organization.
_______2. The meeting is open to the general public.
_______3. There cannot be fundraising, money collected, sales or an admission charge, nor any commercial or social activity.
_______4. Regular business meetings are not scheduled. (e.g., weekly or monthly meetings)

Today's Date ___________________   Reservation Date ____________________   Day of the Week _________________

Time of room use ________________am/pm to __________________am/pm                 
include time necessary for set-up and clean-up

Meeting Start Time ________________am/pm     Meeting End Time ___________am/pm
(available from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.)

Name of Organization__________________________________________________________________________________


Responsible Person_______________________________ Email address________________________________________

Phone_____________________________________________ Cell phone________________________________________

Alternate Responsible Person________________________________________ Phone_____________________________

Purpose of Use/Program Title (be specific)_________________________________________________________________   

Approximate attendance_______________________

Equipment Needed:     Microphone ____         Screen _____                  Wifi_____         Flipchart/Dry Erase Board_____ 
                                                                                                                                    (board only)   
Kitchen use or refreshments being served Yes ____ No ____                                                            

I have read the meeting room Rules of Use, Checklist and Policy and agree to abide by them.
For care or service beyond normal and routine library operations a $50.00 fee will be charged to the organization.


Print Name____________________________________Phone:_____________________________

For Office Use Only:

Key Picked-Up #_______date____________      Key Returned _______date__________________



Approval_______________________________   date_______________________