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The Ultimate Obamacare Handbook

The Ultimate Obamacare Handbook:

(2015-2016 edition)

A Definitive Guide to the Benefits, Rights, Responsibilities, and

Potential Pitfalls of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, makes health insurance available to the majority of Americans. In fact, failure to obtain coverage will result in penalties, but the process of obtaining insurance can be daunting. This brief handbook explains the law and its history and tells readers how to apply for coverage and any exemptions and subsidies if they are eligible. Editor Amadeo, an expert on the act, discusses the benefits of having insurance and how the plan is financed. Each chapter has references, and the book has a glossary and a bibliography to help readers.


A guide to buying low-cost health insurance
Step-by-step instructions to signing up for insurance
Directions to apply for Obamacare exemptions
Eligibility requirements for subsidies
Definitions of insurance, health care, and Obama terms
Real-life stories of people who have already been helped

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