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If you like the Goosebumps series, you might like...

May Bird and the Ever After by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Lonely and shy, ten-year-old May Ellen Bird has no idea what awaits her when she falls into the lake and enters The Ever After, home of ghosts and the Bogeyman.

Seer of Shadows by Avi
In New York City in 1872, fourteen-year-old Horace, a photographer's apprentice, becomes entangled in a plot to create fraudulent spirit photographs, but when Horace accidentally frees the real ghost of a dead girl bent on revenge, his life takes a frightening turn.

Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman
Although housebound following an eerie accident, teenaged Ryan continues to investigate the strange occurences in his hometown of Skeleton Creek, recording his findings in a journal and viewing email video clips sent by fellow detective Sarah. The reader may view Sarah's videos on a website by using links and passwords found in the text.

Fang of the Vampire, Scream Street #1, by Tommy Donbavand
When Luke Watson turns into a werewolf for the third time, he and his parents are moved to Scream Street, where they and other "unusual lifeforms" are trapped unless Luke and his friends can find six powerful relics hidden by the founding fathers before sinister landlord Sir Otto does.

The Robe of Skulls by Vivian French
The sorceress Lady Lamorna has her heart set on a very expensive new robe, and she will stop at nothing--including kidnapping and black magic--to get the money to pay for it.

Vampire Island by Adele Griffin
Siblings Maddy, Lexie, and Hudson Livingstone, who are vampire-fruit bat hybrids, struggle to adjust to living as humans in New York City while maintaining their individual vampire strengths.

More Horowitz Horror: More Stories You’ll Wish You’d Never Read by Anthony Horowitz

Dying to Meet You by Kate Klise
In this story told mostly through letters, children's book author, I. B. Grumply, gets more than he bargained for when he rents a quiet place to write for the summer.

Dare to be Scared by Robert D. San Souci

Good Neighbors, The Floods #1, by Colin Thompson
A family of wizards and witches living in an ordinary neighborhood in an ordinary town decides that they have had enough of the noisy family living next-door and makes them disappear.

The Shadows, Books of Elsewhere #1 by Jacqueline West
When eleven-year-old Olive and her distracted parents move into an old Victorian mansion, Olive finds herself ensnared in a dark plan involving some mysterious paintings, a trapped and angry nine-year-old boy, and three talking cats.

Deadtime Stories by Annette and Gina Cascone

Shades of Darkness by Robert Westfall

Beware! by R.L. Stine

The Kingfisher Book of Scary Stories by Chris Powling