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If you like Erin Hunter's Warriors series, you might like:

Poppy       by Avi

Poppy the deer mouse urges her family to move next to a field of corn big enough to feed them all forever, but Mr. Ocax, a terrifying owl, has other ideas.

Redwall series by Jacques, Brian

Redwall: When the peaceful life of ancient Redwall Abbey is shattered by the arrival of the evil rat Cluny and his villainous hordes, Matthias, a young mouse, determines to find the legendary sword of Martin the Warrior which, he is convinced, will help Redwall's inhabitants destroy the enemy.

Guardians of Ga’Hoole series by Lasky, Kathryn

The Capture: Soren, a barn owl that is captured and taken to a special school for orphaned owls, is befriended by elf owl Gylfie and together the two set out to discover what is really going on at St. Aegolius Academy.

The Chronicles of Narnia series by Lewis, C. S.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: A forgotten wardrobe becomes the pathway to adventure and intrigue as four children step into another time and place--Narnia.

Mistmantle Chronicles by McAllister, Margaret

Urchin of the Riding Stars: A group of animals, led by an orphaned squirrel, learns about friendship and loyalty when they band together to defend their island kingdom against evil forces.

Silverwing series by Oppel,  Kenneth

Silverwing: When a newborn bat named Shade but sometimes called "Runt" becomes separated from his colony during migration, he grows in ways that prepare him for even greater journeys

Nurk by Vernon, Ursula

Nurk, a sort-of brave shrew, packs up a few pairs of clean socks and sails off on an accidental adventure, guided by wisdom found in the journal of his famously brave and fierce grandmother, Lady Surka the warrior shrew.