Douglas County Library System (Oregon)

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Governance Standards

The first section of the OLA standards, with a few notes and links.

The Oregon Library Association "Standards for Public Libraries in Oregon:"

A. GOVERNANCE (Revised 2010)
Governance Standards ensure that each Oregon public library shall be legally established, publicly funded, and publicly managed in a way that insures transparency and accountability to the taxpayers; shall be responsive to the community served, and shall have policies and procedures in place to establish competent library management and lawful employment practices.

Threshold Standards

In order to meet threshold standards, each Oregon public library shall:

  • Meet all provisions of the Oregon Library Benchmark 

The "Benchmarks" referred to in the Governance section are part of the complete "Oregon Progress Board" benchmarks (
The minimum service criteria (set by state library) are: 
(1) The library is legally established and makes basic services available to citizens within its tax-supporting service area without charge; 
(2) The library is open a minimum of 20 hours per week; 
(3) Staff consists of one paid staff person per 4,000 persons in service area or 0.5 FTE, which ever is greater and populations over 10,000 must have a full-time paid professional librarian (with a Master of Library Science); 
(4) Collection is 5,000 books or one volume per capita, which ever is greater; 
(5) Children's programming is provided.  

  • Have a Library Board, which meets at least quarterly and have written bylaws.

Bylaws of the Douglas County Library System Board

  • Produce an annual statistical report, filed with the state library.

Statistical reports are sent to and compiled by the Oregon State Library]

  • Have a written mission statement.

"The Douglas County Library System provides free access to information, ideas, books and technology that enrich, educate and empower every individual in our communities."

Adopt and periodically review policies and procedures responsive to the local community, and are modeled on ALA policies when available. Standard ALA policies include:
  • Library Bill of Rights 
    Incorporated in Collection Development Policy as well as County Code 2.20.015 

In Douglas County Administrative Rules, 7.2

  • Freedom to Read

Incorporated in Collection Development Policy as well as County Code 2.20.015

  •  Freedom to View

  • Free Access to Libraries for Minors

Have written policies and procedures in place, covering:
  • Circulation 
  • Collection Development and Maintenance

  • · Emergencies and Safety 
  • · Finances 
  • Gifts and Donations
  • Human Resources 
  • Interlibrary and Interagency Cooperation 
  • Internet and Other Technology Issues 


and the county's policy,

  • Patron Suggestions  
  •  Public Relations 
  •  Rules of Conduct for Library Users  
Other policies and procedures should be adopted as appropriate to the library’s mission, goals, and facility. These may include:
  •  Exhibits and Displays 

Art Donations and Displays

  • Programming 
  • Use of Library Meeting Rooms and Equipment. 

Meeting Room Policy

Adequate Standards

In order to meet adequate standards, Oregon public libraries shall meet threshold standards and in addition:
· Have a written long range plan, including a technology plan.
· Provide orientation and continuing education for Library Board.
· Create a disaster preparedness plan.

Excellent Standards

In order to meet excellent standards, Oregon public libraries shall meet adequate standards and in addition:
· Hold an annual retreat attended by Library Board and Library Director that includes a self-evaluation process.